We're your regular folks next door

who love to socialize and share their lunch.

Think results, think happy customers

We prioritize, narrow our goals and deliver in short milestones.
We like to think simple and keep our feet on the ground.

Challenge is the spice of our lives

We've got to take risks now and again. That's what makes our lives worthwhile.
Our group directors are entrepreneurs who've built industries and made lives.


Shriraj Fozdar


Meet Kumar


Upendra Patel


Jay Pathak


Sameer Shah

They've gone out there and done that

and haven't just dabbled in theories and dreams.
They advise us.

Summer of 2012...

The story of how it all started

You see, you're usually lost - the brain idling and wandering aimlessly around your life, your work and your aspirations - all in the backdrop of those charming hostesses bustling through aisles. The idle brain has no rules, especially on an airplane. Really.

At one moment it takes you back in time when you played with your grandparents with that garden hose in your backyard - your childhood moments that you so dearly cherish and just when you're done dreaming, it takes you to those bizarre years when you were diagnosed with clinical sadness for no logical reason.

Seriously, you now need to watch a movie which is even sadder. After all, sadderness wins Oscars. Yes, this is what life has come to - watching Schindler's List! Why couldn't have life been perpetually beautiful, just like these smiling air hostesses? God doesn't have an answer.

Then suddenly your wife shows up in your mind. And your kid follows, reminding you of the time they had collapsed laughing at that awful joke of yours. Life couldn't have been happier. You open your laptop hoping to idle your way through the memory lane - only to discover that your family pictures were left on your home desktop.

But all is not lost. You've got your inbox - your saviour. There's going to be a surprise opportunity waiting there, just in time to change your life. Open it.... now! As you hurriedly click your mailbox of salvation, this air hostess zooms past you smirking - "Go ahead boy, your work is soon going to feel like a thousand monkeys bouncing on your head."

And there you are - in your inbox of absolute clutter. Everything is buried in this endless list of emails. You wonder where to start. You're sure that the first email you open is going to gawk at you with its own mind of To's and CCs. Half the recipients will be clueless about what they're supposed to do and the other half will ignore the email in its entirety. To top it all, there will be no action plan, no doer and no due date.

As you wonder in awe at this beauty of nature, a warm smile hovers over your forehead - "Sir, what would you like to have today? Ambiguity, obscurity or work pandemonium?"

You find yourself running away - frantically and as fast as you can. Your only salvation is modern solutions. But soon you're grappling with work and contacts scattered across your devices in disparate tools like Skype, Whatsapp, Dropbox, LinkedIn and others that simply don't work in harmony. Nothing is truly in sync.

You have 6 hours to idle away while she's zooming past you, smirking again and again. Your heart is crumbling one piece at a time like buildings of Inception. Life was supposed to be different, isn't it?

It is summer of 2012. Wittybee starts off as randomly drawn sketches in that dimly lit airplane. It's an outcome of years of yearnings, weeks of flying, hundreds of sketches and a thousand mistakes - all corrected and pieced together like a solved jigsaw puzzle.

We believe Wittybee will bring professionals closer and make organizations better places to work. Managers will stay more in control and teams will become more efficient. Industries and universities will interact profoundly and your work will become a better, better place.

Make work a better, better place

Wittybee is free to use with unlimited users and unlimited teams.

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