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    Dear all, I found myself pondering about the past years and wanted to discuss it with everyone.

    I began to conceptualize Wittybee in the June of 2012. At that time all my ideas were nothing but in the form of cloudy imaginations, ball pen sketches and really bad UI designs. But I had a burning desire - to build the greatest team collaboration app ever and benefit the human race - a deep hunger and thirst to make my life "count". And that hunger still lives today, ever with more fire.

    Those of you who know me well know that money has never been my only goal. It has always been a by-product of my curiosity to create meaningful things - like the world's first ultrasonic domestic gas meter built out of discrete components - where we made the impossible possible in only 2 years from 2010 to 2012.

    Adventures can be planned, but seldom go as per plans. For example, last April I realized that my UI design had come up not quite so well and the entire activity page needed an overhaul. Next, last year an investor who had promised a large investment invested a smaller amount due to losses incurred in an unfortunate accident in their factory. Then early this year, a Korean client held back on their payment to us due to their own finance problems. That's why we call this an adventure. 

    There's a bill on the soft board of our Desktop App team - "You need the heart of a lion to make this happen". Today, after 3 years we have the finest syncing technology available in the market, and as per my vision, a great collaboration app - with a potential to become the most useful tool in the industry.

    You see, when we talk to others, we tend to put ourselves in their shoes. We tend to see them as we are. The same is the case with me. I see curiosity, hunger and a desire to make a difference in people I meet. I see love for learning and solving challenges. I see lives that are not centered around making money, doing trivial comparisons and gossips. 

    What pleases me immensely today is to see that all of you are lions. You've gone beyond your comfort zones to help Wittybee in sales and marketing. You've helped in writing the user guide, something that is not your core expertise and helped take Wittybee towards completion.

    Please take some time this week, when your mind is fresh and unburdened, to write about your good experiences and learnings at Wittybee. Write what you learnt from your seniors - not technical but human traits. Write about the freedom and opportunities you found. Write about your good adventures here.



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      Dear Team,

      I would like to share my journey/feelings in our company not only in Wittybee but overall.

      During these 5-6 years, I learned a lot working with Meet and still continue learning for various roles assigned to me, from the perfection in implementation, client communication, team work and to work with multiple teams with Joy to create live atmosphere towards one single goal.

      I am very much Lucky to have teams of really talented developers who love to do what they are doing.
      Thank you guys for motivating each other in all kind of situations. Believe me, this will surely make you and me stronger day by day. We are a family.

      I joined in 2010 as Embedded Engineer and I went to Belgium in a week for 3 months with .
      became by one of my best friends gradually during 3 months journey and now it has been more than 5 years, so now the level of friendship is something different!
      My life is positively affected from the helpful nature of , not just technical but also at the personal level.

      Seriously we all have worked hard ignoring sleepless nights to make Wittybee at a level what it is right now.

      All of you must agree that we can not afford if someone is not taking it positively/seriously.

      Please communicate/discuss and solve to have a single goal towards the success of our Wittybee.

      I am sure, if we keep Listening each other for small or big suggestion and take it seriously considering client's perspective, We will Rock!

      Thank you all my managers/seniors, my Wittybee leaders and teammates.
      Keep doing great work!

      Hardik Patel

    • :
      I am thankful to everyone in my journey for trusting me. I like people who are always ready to help someone/learn new things with joy. Every interview taken by me was teaching me something new and I am thankful to all who were a part of this marathon run.

      Here we have quite a big team and various activities going on in parallel. People are creating such a beautiful product Wittybee, without team work this is really unlivable so I appreciate everyone's efforts from Ravi / Dharmesh .... to ...... Meet.

      I am able to learn focus in work from Jaymin, Priyanka and other PHP team members, no matter whatever is the situation they are always focused.

      Meet teaches new things and trusts you always for your 100% inputs. He never loses his temper even when we make mistakes. He motivates us to fix them and treat them as a part of the lesson what we learn.

      Vasant is very talented and such a genuine person shows the way to make things organized and procedural.

      Bhavin keeps pace with his teammates and shows his leadership qualities.

      Never to say no for any kind of support in Deployment from Rizvan and Narhari is really appreciable. 

      Spirit of taking new challenges and learning is well woven in Hiral.

      How can I forget my time-tested colleague Mohan and his positivity.

      I was inclined to mainframe computers since my graduation and I wasn't knowing one day it will be an integral part of my work and life. I was used to handling a couple of servers in past but never had the challenge to keep them always up and running. Wittybee given a rare opportunity to be DEVOPS. With Wittybee's mentoring I am able to scale this kind of dream project.

      Without everyone's tremendous efforts this can't be done. 

      Love you all, Love you Witty-Bee. 

    • Rizvan:

      We learn many things from each project in the software industry but in this project, we have faced many challenges. I have learned a lot of things in this project.

      When I joined, I had 5+ years experience and I thought I can do any project easily. A software developer always performs for a proper display output and I also did it for 3 years. Meet had open my eyes and made me learn to think differently. We always need to think of each process in optimize way and understand each tool in proper manner.

      Thank you !

      Thank you very much and for giving me lots of guidance in professional and personal life.

      TEAM is just a fancy name for family at work. Thank you all for being such a caring family.

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      Wittybee has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional. The product in itself has been a driving force for me as when using it, it gives a feeling of working on something good. There has been too much to learn here in a very short time.

      Because of a really good team, I have learnt a lot many new things in the technical aspect for which I am really thankful to the whole team of Wittybee. I have learnt here to deal with pressure situations and take up new challenges which will be helpful to me throughout my life. My QA team mates here have been very helpful and co-operative in every aspect whether it be professional or personal.

      Thank you once again to the whole team of Wittybee for everything that I have learnt here !!!!

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      First of all, I want to thank Wittybee for trusting me as a fresher and giving me a chance to join Wittybee and guiding me at all stages.

      I am so lucky that all my teammates are so helpful and supportive whether it is personal or professional.

      I also want to thank PHP teammates for being supportive and bearing me..!! :P

      Thank you everyone for transforming me from a fresher to a professional... :)

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      It is said that First experiences are very special because they never come again in your life. Wittybee is the first experience of my career and is really very special to me.

      Wittybee has given me an opportunity to not only learn and develop my skills but also evolve both at personal and professional levels.

      It is here, that I have learned the real meaning of team spirit. Here, I have seen people not only working with each other but working 'for' each other. There may be differences in opinions but that never affects their relationship with others nor their love for Wittybee.

      Would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our team for always being so helpful, caring and standing together always. A special mention for  for being more as a friend than a team lead.

      It has been a beautiful journey and may Wittybee be blessed like this always. :)

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      Life is all about different journeys and for me Wittybee has been a great one till now. Being it as my first job, it is a complete different learning experience. 

      From having a fabulous team (which helped me learn every aspect and made me grow technically and personally too :) ), to have some great mentors from whom I have learnt to take up challenges and complete them with ease, this space would be filled with everyone's names.

      It's great to see everyone has been so attached to the product and working wholeheartedly. Thank you each and everyone for being a part of my extended family.

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      It was 16th June, 2014 when I became a part of Wittybee as a fresher. Being a fresher, it becomes difficult to catch ongoing activities around you especially when you're working with genius people. You have to be a more passionate to learn new things quickly. And generally it takes a time around several months, when you start with actual development. But I'm feeling lucky that I'm working with an organization who keeps trusting on each employee and you won't believe that I got a chance to develop an API within a month. 

      I've got a chance to work with a leader who is always ready to take a risk as challenge.

      Thanks Priyanka and Palna for being so supportive. Your advice helps me to steer into the right direction as always.

      Wittybee has provided a platform of freedom where everyone can share his/her ideas. By building such a great collaboration tool, we all became so collaborative in a way that there is no communication gap between supervisor and subordinate.

      I must say that I'm proud to be a Wittybeean !!!
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      Wittybee has been special to me as I have started off my professional life here. It has been almost 2 years here now and it has been a wonderful journey up till now. 

      All the seniors have always been very supportive and have taught me all the technical stuff that I know today. I have had really nice time here and I have seen the product grow right from the beginning and I appreciate the whole team of Wittybee for putting in all the efforts to make it a really nice product.

      I thank all my team members for guiding me, supporting me and helping me in every possible way. 

      Thank you Wittybee! :) 
    • :
      , I was the first, you gave a chance to work for Wittybee.

      As time passes, I have realized, you really have good value and trust in us. 

      I witnessed you dreaming best life for all of us.
      I witnessed you taking hard decisions like building half the project again with a peaceful mind.
      You gave us an opportunity to get technical training as well as training for improving personal life too.
      Thanks a lot !!!

      Each and every person in Wittybee have their unique good things, those help me to improve myself.
      Thank you for providing me an opportunity to work with "THE BEST" team, I have ever worked with.
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      It has been a fantastic journey or rather would say a great voyage with the company since last 6 years. I worked on and learnt many things involving cutting edge Electronics and IT Technologies, Team leadership & Team playing, Customer relationship management and many more. I visited some fantastic places on behalf of the company involving best metering companies, very rich testing laboratories and well-known industries. It is the place where I got some of my life's best friends, who will remain a part of my life forever.

      Wittybee Group itself has many great things to appreciate and I would like to mention them here. First of all we have here is the flexibility in all the terms - Here anybody can discuss and share his / her ideas and thoughts to anybody beyond the team boundaries and hierarchies, here we always get chances to learn and explore new things and also it is the company which really offers a great work / life balance. The second and very important thing to appreciate for the group is the great employees here. They are not only the experts of their fields but also they are very hardworking, caring and friendly people who build a great team in the world.

       and  have always been great mentors to me. The great thing to appreciate about Meet is his ability to resolve the hardest theories and algorithms and bring them to the employees in their easiest and digestible form. I have always learnt a sense of leading from the front and taking the pressure on self before it comes to the team from him. Jigar has always taught me the sense of caring and dealing the things with cool mind. My existence in the company would have not been possible without Jigar's guidance.

       & - I have always learnt to be stable and smiling in all the scenarios from you! You both are really very caring people in the world.

      - Have always seen a great technology Guru in you and I wish I  can be ever like you in dealing with the architecture build up and optimization.

      All the team leaders - You have always been a great support and learning source for me for dealing with the technical as well as leadership challenges.

      My beloved JS & Mobile Team - You are my family and I can not think of my life without all of you. Though I am a leader to you by post, but you all have been a leader to me as well to learn and explore in my life.

      All the colleagues - You have been the best professionals I have ever worked with. Please keep up the good work!

      Last but not the least - I made some of my great friends here like , , , , and  - You all fill a large part of my life and your friendship and care mean world for me! 

      Thank you all very much!

    • :
      When I joined wittybee, Premji and heartily welcomed me. It was like coming to my 2nd home rather than the office.

      Here I always had something new to learn from Dhaval Gajera and Bhavin. Dhaval always shows me the extended version of Wittybee i.e. Gantt chart, Mind map and so much more.

      And I can't forget to mention the very cool personality . I remember, once we had Ramp walk, and Meet won that. A personality who maintains the calmness in the teams and the company when product is in full-fledged peak. 

      Thanks Wittybee for being a great partner in journey of my life that I will never forget!
    • :
      It's been a tremendous journey since i joined Wittybee.

      , has been a wonderful leader and a best friend who has helped in every stage whether its professional or personal. He always says "Never get worried of any situation which is under your control." Also I am inspired by his perfection and 100% dedication to work.

      My teammates are all warriers. All of them are always desperate for taking any kind of challenge. They support each other always in any kind of situation.

    • :
      As G.B. Stern said "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone", it is true.

      I am not much of a writer, haven't written a single line saying thank you in my life but let's give it a try.

      I had joined Wittybee on 24th Sep 2015 and It has been a great journey for me. I have made some life long friends here. I want to thank every one who has been part of this journey. Specially , , , , , , for their support and help. Won't forget it.
      Thank you, thank you, thank youuu...
    • :
      Before I joined Wittybee, I wanted to be part of embedded technology because at that time when I saw “Wittybee” I felt that it was just another social networking app. But somehow Jigar and Bhavin came to a conclusion and assigned me to "Wittybee”. As time passed by, my mentality towards Wittybee totally changed and now it is not just a social networking app but beyond that. And it’s my pleasure to be part of great “Wittybee” app.

      I have learn calmness in any difficult situation from , and .

      Thanks for always believing in Engineers!

      Thank you each and everyone from Wittybee.

    • Matang:
      In last 2 years of my journey with Wittybee, I have learned a lot of things.
      This has been the most glorious time of my career . 
      always believed in me and kept giving me challenging tasks. Because of him, I have concurred the new horizons.

      encouraged me and gave me an opportunity to contribute in open source.
      This is a very special feeling that I will carry with me always.
      Other team members from the team always have been supportive and have motivated me for continuous hard work.

      With Desktop team, I have learned how to provide perfection.

      Without contribution of  our JS team, we could have never build such an astonishing app.  

      I found very much passionate about technology and full of energy. He has always fueled me.

      I love the parties we rocked at Wittybee . :)

      Thank you each and every one from Wittybee.

    • :
      I had joined wittybee as a fresher. Working here has been a fantastic learning experience and I am thankful to all for the skills I've acquired.

        There is no other greater source of inspiration and motivation than to walk into work every morning and be greeted by smiles of friendly and supportive team members. is a source of positiveness, always motivating everyone. and have been very helpful to me at the earlier stage, and all other team members were always ready to support me in any situation. The everyday work life of most other teams is based on rules, procedures and instructions.
      Ours is based on trust, cooperation and support. Thanks for being such a wonderful team.

      Thank you each and every one from Wittybee.

    • :
      First of all, Thank you for the delicious Pizzas. We can have few more competitions like those in future ;)

      Coming to my journey with Wittybee, I would start with initial phase where we had old design. First time when I saw the product, I was seriously having doubts on this product and was not able to digest the things. But then our front-end teams took up the challenge to just change the whole activities page and gradually a whole new UI came up. I myself was not involved in the changes but the challenge taken up by UI teams to just change the UI completely shows dedication and enthusiasm for the product.

      Next big change was the use of Push Technology for the product and migration to PHP7. And yes the PHP and other teams just responded with the same level of enthusiasm.

      All these situations can make you or break you. And I am glad that we have passed these situations with positive results. These phases have helped me in improving my technical as well as non-technical skills.

      Also now being involved in the sales training, looking forward to achieve great heights and are ready for any challenges in the coming future with positive attitude.

      The support I have got from all my team mates, JS team members and Deployment team is really appreciable. Thank you everyone for being there.

      Let's collaborate. Let's Wittybee!!

    • :
      It was the day of 15th Sept, 2014 I joined the Wittybee army. Thanks to Wittybee for giving me a door to start my career. :)

      I hearty thanking Wittybee and all:
      - for becoming a reason of ignition in curiosity I never know that I have.
      - for giving the feelings that I'm stronger.
      - for making me a always learner kind.
      - for putting me on a way to meet with smart, hard-workers and awesome motivators - seniors, colleagues and good friends.
      - for sharpening me as a professional in terms of both technical and non-technical skills.
      - for making me to learn the value of working in team.

      There is always ups and downs in the life of every single person. How can you expect the 'bee'.?
      -"The one who survives, will be the strongest among others."

      Allow me to say something in words of poetry:

      "Sirf sahar (morning) kii aas mein jab tum, aakhir shab (dark night) tak jaage ho,
      So mat jaana (do not fall asleep), jaagne waalo'n, is ke baad ujaale hain..."

      Thanks to all of you for giving me a chance to work with, for ignoring the mistakes I made.
    • :
      "Joy is the simplest form of gratitude" and that is what I got from Wittybee!!

      Its almost around 2 years since I have joined and I have learnt a lot at technical and personal level.

      I am grateful that I found such wonderful and supportive colleagues and some life long friends. 
      Special thanks to my team leader for believing in me and giving me challenging work.
      And not to forget who gave me an opportunity to work with mobile team and add new skill to my skill set.

      and have always been helpful no matter what the situation is.

      PHP team ROCKS specially the juniors , and :)

      Thank you everyone for all the support and guidence.

    • Bhuvin:
      I joined Wittybee on 21st October, 2013 as one of the first developer in my team and since then it has been 1001 days in Wittybee. And each day here, has always taught me something new and each and every day I have loved the Work, my Team and the Company more than I did the previous day. 

      There have been several "Moments of Delight" since the day i joined, "Such an awesome Idea", "Such a Friendly CEO" , "Such an Awesome Team", "Such an Awesome Module to work on", "Complete ownership of the Product" Environment ... and it goes on ... 

      Here i met super awesome people who are constant source of Inspiration to me :
      1. Our team leader is great Mentor who trusted and empowered a 3 year (at that point of time) experienced guy to go on to Architect really complex "File sharing and Syncing" application (though with all the support with such an amazing team), who constantly inspires me and defines the "Perfect" word. 

      2. "Engineers can do anything" as rightly our dear C.E.O  ( Kumar) says. And I have marveled ever since this that how TRUE this is after seeing this.

      I want to Thank my Team (My Extended family) and each one of you for all the Help, Guidance (Professionally / Personally) you have given.
      Let's work "Harder" and more "United" than we already have, and make the nights of our Competition Sleepless

    • :
      I am really thankful to who has given me a chance to work with the organization. 

      I joined wittybee as Dot Net Developer in May, 2014. On Second day there was a discussion with . He gave me the first task regarding FileSystemWatcher. It was an amazing and challenging task. I learned language here. I didn't learn that as a subject in college. I have learned many things here and also got a chance to work on different modules and tools which is very exciting.

      At each stage my team has helped me whenever i needed. All my team mates have very supporting kind of nature. Me and have spent a lot time to discuss the design regarding conflict resolution. Day by day new challenges came up and the grid of conflict was expanded.

      is one of the best mentor to whom i have met. Due to him, there is always positiveness in the team. His dedication and enthusiasm towards the product inspires all team members. He believes in perfection. 99% success is not a success until it becomes 100%. That is what he believes in. That thought process motivates us. helped me a lot in the technical aspect. is very friendly. He is always ready to help instantly. always starts her work by making flow diagram of design. Her way of doing work really inspires me.

      has helped in syncing related to api and designing "conflict resolve". He always contributes his ideas for this.
      Paresh and all team members have always provided their support for everything we needed...

      Many thanks to Pranav, Anjali, , for helping us to make a product better with their suggestions for improvement.

      In JS team ,  helped and supported us to make innovative features.

      Thank you each and every one from Wittybee who has directly and indirectly given their best efforts for the success of product.
    • :
      Not being outspoken not getting words to write so let me begin with 's words "Knowledge is built block by block". Yes, you read it right. These are the words spoken to me when one Sunday I turned to Meet's home to handover the key of office as I was working alone on that day.

      Exact case was such that Meet asked me how much I am comfortable now to the new domain(Desktop application developer to Firmware developer). On my honest reply that I am finding it still difficult even after 3 months of my joining, those were the words spoken by Meet.

      Not only that but he also motivated me personally with an example on how hard they worked for a product('LPG/CNG Closed Loop System with Harness and Actuator Motor' not sure for product name) to succeed.

      That encouragement was sufficient enough to run a service project till last year end. Complete trust on employees and fully gentle nature of the Guru(I mean many of you may already know that's how I call him) remains a symbolic name to HARDWORK, PERFECTION(In all aspect from planning, timing to delivery) took me to new heights always when I felt its limit. I strongly believe he has the solution to everything and his success rate is 100% only.

      Mota Guru ( Vora) remains a symbolic name to DEDICATION, PERFECTION, the one who put his complete SOUL in work and completely CARING by nature.
      Happy Guru Purnima to both gurus.

      , with whom I started my carrier almost 10 years back remain symbolic for his high energy level and quick solution delivery on any kind of new problems.
      remains symbolic person for complete calmness and focused on work and enjoyment while we are at play for gully cricket, table tennis or volleyball.

      remain symbolic person for his charm and fun no matter how loaded he is but always smiling with never say no attitude.

      Dynamic, quick switching, always ready for any kind of new work these are very few attributes and learning experience from my teammates , , , Manu and .
      I may have forgot some name but cant forget Dharmesh and Ravi who always remain there during sleepless nights at Wittybee.

      Honestly speaking I found everyone here at Wittybee completely helping with true heart and friend of mine so I must not forget to mention special friends and  Shiyani too.
      All this has been possible just because of the kind atmosphere provided by Meet.

      Thanks a lot and everyone with whom I got an opportunity to work with, it is pleasure to work with all of you.