Wittybee Statement on Data Safety

Wittybee is a software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SaaS market is a 39.3 billion dollar market with a 22.6% YoY growth rate. Naturally, data safety becomes a basic need, without which the industry can never actually exist.

Wittybee's mission is to provide you with a world-class collaboration and cloud storage service. Therefore, data safety naturally becomes the very fundamental foundation on which we operate. It is elemental to our business in the same way as oxygen is elemental to human life.

Take the analogy of your bank. The bank has security specialists working round the clock to protect your money. Hence, your money is safer in your bank than in your home. Likewise, your data is much more protected in the cloud than elsewhere.

The following sections delve into how Wittybee keeps your data secure, private, durable and available.

Data storage

At its core, Wittybee encrypts every piece of data with the industry standard AES256 cipher. The data, depending on its size and type, is split into multiple slices and saved on distributed disks. Multiple copies are maintained at all times on separate disks on separate servers. This redundant storage technology ensures that there's no single point of failure. If a disk fails, other copies take over and subsequently, a new copy is automatically created from the healthy copies. The technology is thus self-healing. The self-healing process also repairs your data in case of disk errors. Wittybee storage cloud's annual data durability, based on statistical calculations, is 99.999999999%. Compare this with the 95% durability of your hard disks. See the Data Durability Calculator.

Data transfers

All communication between the Wittybee data center and your device is encrypted point-to-point using industry standard technologies such as TLS with AES256 or RC4. This means that no ISP or government can see your data on the network.

Command and control

Wittybee runs a state-of-the-art command and control center, having digital access controls and physical security. The command and control center itself is redundant and can be operated from a remote location in case of a disaster.

Our system admins are highly qualified and receive what we call – a ‘fanatic' training. Access control, logging and auditing of system admin activities enforces an impeccable sense of accountability on part of the system admins.

Data center

Following are the key security and safety features of our data center –

A combination of hardware and software firewalls block unwanted traffic to our data center infrastructure. In addition, our infrastructure runs very few services and keeps very few ports open.

Design redundancies

Wittybee has deployed one of the most advanced redundancy architecture to ensure that your data is constantly available to you.


Safety of data is paramount to us and we do everything humanly and technologically possible to ensure this. For us, nothing comes first.

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