Transforming the team collaboration and project management
to meet today's IT services company needs.

Unite your project teams

Create a project team with customer and team members from each department.
Easily bridge the data and communication gaps of distributed teams.

Improve work by flattening
corporate hierarchy

Improve employee involvement and skills
by breaking down internal departmental barriers
and siloed collaboration.

Plan for success with agile
project management

Kanban lets you match the amount of work in
progress to the team’s capacity, get more flexible
planning options, faster output, clear focus,
and transparency throughout the development cycle.

Stay on top of what
matters most

Define company-wide hash tags or develop
custom hash tags to stay on-top of everything –
#CEOApproval, #BenchUtilization, #ProjectA, #Client X
#ProjectsOverRun, #EmployeeFeedback, #Ideas

Never lose meeting notes
and action items

Create meetings, jot down summary, decisions and
assign action items and start monitoring progress.
Say goodbye to pen and paper, word processor,
excel and emails which can be easily lost or difficult
to trace and track.

Busy CxO can add value to micro-task

Easily provide inputs, directions or guidance to your teams
on their tasks or subtasks as and when needed.

Make tasks action oriented
and measurable

Divide work into tasks, subtasks with pre-defined
workflow and expectations. Easily delegate them
to project team members or yourself and start tracking
progress rather than chasing people for updates or
organizing status update meetings.

Deliver faster

Get better at making and keeping commitments
by building a due-date driven culture at all levels and
see how execution and accountability improves
across organization.

Reduce attrition

Timely recognize good work with built-in appreciation
messages – "Thank you", "Great job!", "Well done" and create
a culture of appreciation and stronger engagement.

Save time finding information

Search-as-you-type, find any information – be it contact info, document,
report, hash tag and be more productive.

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