Wittybee enables collaborative learning and academic relationships
well beyond high-school and college classrooms.

Create classrooms.
Engage students.

Create teams of teachers and students.
Start posting assignments, exam schedule,
announcements and messages.

Provide feedback and grades

Give instant, transparent feedback to students.
Mark assignments with a customized grading system and
distribute them to students easily.

Track academic performance

Analyze performance of your students or teachers.
Compare performances across years and courses.

Work in study groups easily

Break up group assignments into tasks and
work on them simultaneously - anywhere, anytime.
Avoid late submission by staying on top of your group's
progress. Tag your information and search it easily.

Stay connected with industry

Build rapport with students, teachers,
professionals, and alumni globally.
Network with organizations to
find better opportunities.

Make collaborative
research flexible

Plan and distribute your research topics within the team.
Assign priorities, due dates and quality
points for each research topic.
Search and hire freelancing research assistants
from the global network.

Organize events without stress

Coordinate between committees, volunteers, attendees,
management and sponsors without hassle.
Instantly inform everyone about unexpected disruptions.

Run your school effortlessly

Keep track of your periodic administrative
tasks without status update meetings.
Free up time for what you do best - teaching and learning.

Wittybee is secure, robust and fast

And it's free. Use it for as long as you want, with unlimited users and unlimited teams.

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