Redefine client interactions & account management
to up-level the engagement

Juggle between tasks with ease

Create a team for each client and separate teams for each assignment.
Structured communication avoids miscommunication and crossed messaging.

Never miss your clients' requirements

Co-create. Let goals and creative specifications
of the client reach you and your teams in real-time.
Keep dynamic information well-organized.

Stay on top of
what matters most

Develop custom hashtags to stay on-top of
projects and account management –

Deliver faster

Reduce back and forth communication by defining quality
parameters for each task and subtask.

Enable round-the-clock brainstorming

Create a brainstorming team space which allows everyone on a team to share, access and review their ideas at any time; day or night or even on a weekend.

Let VPs and Directors add value to micro-work

With micro-work being visible, your VP's and Directors have a platform to provide creative inputs, directions or guidance to your teams, while significantly improving quality of work.

Share file the syncing way

No need to email, upload or download big size files – campaign creative, photos, videos etc.
Share all data with ease.

Gain visibility across tasks

Track tasks and sub-tasks in real-time,
enabling geographically dispersed teams
to view individual and overall progress.

Bond socially. Enhance client relations.

Wittybee is social and fun, and enables you to exchange appreciations with clients and team members.

Save time finding information

Access all artworks, creative briefs, images, videos and reports at the press of a keystroke.

Watch how Wittybee works

Watch the video.

Wittybee makes your creative work more efficient

It's free, simply like the best things in life.

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