"Good technology only gets things done.
Great technology makes people smile."

Wittybee was designed to love you
and make you love it back

Some wonderful technologies have gone behind making it.

When we started, we first wrote this down -

250,000 work hours later ...

Wittybee is built to be quiet

Wittybee is designed to get out of your way
while you work. It is this simple trait that makes
it incredibly easy to use.

With Wittybee, you'll need only one or two clicks
to do or see just about anything.

How fast is fast anyhow?

Wittybee's fast servers and some clever software tricks
save every millisecond for you. Here's the mix -

  • Highly optmized algorithms
  • In-Memory caching of frequently used data
  • Tens of Terabytes of memory
  • Persistent internet connections
  • User-wise smaller databases
The design is all about people

Wittybee was designed to remove the distinction
between the software and the user.

It knows what you're thinking, what information
you need and how to get you there quickly.

Trans-continental architecture

Use Wittybee at wittybee.com or host it in your data center or private cloud.
Wittybee's advanced trans-continental architecture ensures that diverse
installations around the world work as a single unified system.

Scalability to infinite users

Wittybee's server infrastructure and software is designed
to scale without change by simply adding more server equipment.
Trans-continental architecture ensures infinite scalability
that is independent of data center locations.

Wittybee Analytics Engine

What has been the mood of your staff, compared over quarters, on a scale of 1-10?
How is performance trending in your team since last few months?
What fraction of work is being completed on time, compared over various teams?

Powerful questions need measurable answers.

Wittybee's advanced analytics engine is designed flexibly to answer millions of questions concerning various metrics about your staff, teams or organization as a whole.

Information that you were always blind-sighted about is now at your fingertips and helps you take strategic decisions with ever more confidence.

Wittybee Ultra-durable Storage Cloud

Wittybee.com uses Amazon S3 to store your files. Wittybee can also be hosted inside your private data center by deploying the Wittybee Storage Cloud. Within the cloud, files are sliced and replicated many times on separate disks in separate servers. If one replica fails, a new replica is automatically created from other healthy replicas. The storage cloud is thus, self-healing and provides 99.999999999% data durability. Compare this with the 95% durability of your regular hard disks. The storage cloud has other important properties like infinite scalability, no single point of failure and AES256 encryption.

Wittybee File Syncing Engine

Wittybee's File Syncing Engine is built into the Wittybee Desktop App and its job is to ensure seamless and reliable syncing of team files across team computers. As simple as it sounds, the syncing engine is built to gracefully handle thousands of file conflicts and network conditions. The engine itself is a smart hybrid that uses HTTPS as well as Wittybee's secure WittyTorrent protocol to deliver robust server-to-user and user-to-user file syncing. Syncing happens over the internet as well as local networks and is done efficiently using piece-wise transfers.

Wittybee is designed to help you succeed

Solutions put together by integration of disparate tools simply wouldn't
work in harmony and would cost upward of $40/user-month.

We identified the need to bridge this gap by uniting features -

Wittybee stands on world class computer science

and its mission is to make your everyday work easier, faster and better.

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